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Get the capital you need to thrive.

At Avella Capital Fund, we’re committed to helping businesses unlock their potential through creative financing and industry insights. With over a decade of experience with private equity investing in the energy sector, our team is here to provide the capital and guidance you need to transform your venture into a successful and profitable enterprise.
Active private equity investors with partners globally.
Exclusively partnering with companies that exhibit long-term growth potential.
Specialize in the oil, gas, and industrial sector

Strategic Investment Expertise

Our tailored investment approaches maximize returns and position businesses for long-term success.

Collaborative Partnership Approach

By joining forces with industry pioneers, we spark innovation, creating a winning formula for business growth.

Seamless Transition and Optimal Exits

With meticulous planning and execution, we maximize value for partners and stakeholders while positioning businesses for long-term growth.

Comprehensive Support in Key Areas

By focusing on administrative efficiency, streamlined operations, and strategic marketing, we drive success for our partners, fostering their development into industry leaders.

Global Reach and Support

Based in the US but operating globally, our team of experienced professionals is prepared to provide world-class support across the energy industry, staying up-to-date on the latest trends in the field.

Igniting High Growth

Empowering our clients with the tools and strategies they need enables them to seize market opportunities and achieve exceptional results.

Our Investments

Funding innovative energy growth worldwide

Magnum Midstream L.P.

Years Active: March 2013 - November 2019
Sector: Oil & Gas
Business Information: Established in southwestern Pennsylvania in 2013, Magnum Midstream L.P. specializes in midstream oil and gas services and non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures for the oil and gas industry.

HydroTech Testing Services LLC.

Years Active: October 2017 - Present
Sector: Oil & Gas
Business Information: HydroTech Testing Services LLC. specializes in hydrostatic testing, pipeline inspection and other speciality oil and gas services. HydroTech operates debt free.

Eagle Eye Services LLC.

Years Active: March 2018 - Present
Sector: Industrial Services, Industrial Painting and Coating
Business Information Eagle Eye Services LLC. offers a variety of industrial painting services, including blasting, coating, and industrial painting services.

3Rivers General Contracting

Years Active: June 2020 - Present
Sector: Construction and General Contracting
Business Information 3Rivers focuses on home remodeling and home improvement in the Greater Pittsburgh region. In addition to contracting services, 3 Rivers manages real estate, property maintenance, and more.

Amplify Service & Rental LLC.

Years Active: June 2022 - Present
Sector: Rental Equipment - Portable Toilet Rentals
Business Information Amplify Service & Rental LLC. delivers quality porta potty rental services in the greater Pittsburgh region. With experience in other industrial environments, Amplify specializes in working with industrial clients and porta john rental for job sites.

Iris Marketing Team LLC.

Years Active: January 2018 - Present
Sector: Industrial Marketing
Business Information: Iris Marketing Team LLC. is a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in industrial marketing services, including web development, social media management, SEO services, and content marketing.

Timiron Trading LLC.

Years Active: May 2023 - Present
Sector: Oil & Gas, Commodities Management
Business Information Timiron Trading LLC. is our most recent acquisition, specializing in commodities management, trading and logistics.

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